Welcome!  We are concrete magicians.  We can transform your new or existing plain gray concrete into a beautiful work of art just like magic.  We specialize in concrete staining and engraving which creates a one of a kind floor that can not be duplicated.  We offer one of the most durable and least maintenance concrete floor options available...polished concrete...simply amazing!  We are also a landscaping company which allows us to not only create beautiful landscaped areas but we can add value and beauty to our customer's concrete decks, porches, sidewalks, driveways as well as any interior concrete floors.  With the combination of landscaping and concrete transformation we can create your perfect outdoor living space and you will have a truly unique dreamscape.  We can create your beautiful landscaping or your unique concrete transformations or both.  No job is too large or too small so give us a call. 

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View some of our latest concrete magic transformations below!
Attention:  We offer Concrete Polishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Currently Serve
South Alabama and Southeast Alabama.
ABC Designs, LLC
Making the Concrete World Beautiful...One Slab at a Time!
What We OFFER:   Decorative Concrete 
Polishing; Engraving; Staining; Sealing   

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