ABC Designs is a family owned business...Owned and operated by Patricia and Bryan Bulger.  We are an innovative company with the educational and technical training to transform your living spaces into an aesthetically beautiful and functional dreamscapes.  Patricia has a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Bryan holds a B.S. Degree from Auburn University in Horticultural Landscaping.  We have technical training in the newest design technologies in the field of flooring; including concrete staining, engraving and sealing as well as the newest and most exciting area of polished concrete.  We have available to us the newest and most advanced equipment to complete your job in the most professional manner possible.  With our combined education, training and experience we can offer you options that few other companies have available.  We are continually researching and attending new training classes because the field of decorative concrete is growing and changing at a very rapid rate and we want to be on the cutting edge of this expansion.
Concrete engraving is an innovative process that transforms your existing concrete into a work of art. By staining and engraving a design into the hard concrete, we can create a long-lasting easy-to-maintain alternative to popular flooring products such as brick, marble, cobblestone or tile. Since concrete engraving is not an overlay, coating, or topping, the engraved design is permanent. Weeds cannot grow within the design and pieces can not come loose! You can achieve the beauty of intricate tile work or luxurious marble quickly and easily!  The staining and engraving process can be used indoors and out, in both residential and commercial settings.We also offer a custom design service that provides endless possibilities for a truly unique design.  We can create and engrave in concrete practically any design or logo of your choosing limited only by your imagination. 
We specialize in beautiful custom one-of-a-kind concrete countertops for your kitchen or outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular and with the obvious durability and functionally of concrete it makes sense that it is the material of choice when creating the ultimate outdoor living environment.  We can create Outdoor kitchens and install our custom concrete countertops.  Let’s see how "Decorative Concrete" and "Beautiful Landscaping" can enhance your outdoor living environment.  Give us a call for a free estimate and let us begin the journey with you to create your perfect dreamscape.
Interior designs are enhanced and improved with the mirror-like shine and beauty of our newest technology; polished concrete.  We are very excited with the beauty, low maintenance and durability of our polished concrete floors.
ABC Designs, LLC
Making the Concrete World Beautiful...One Slab at a Time!
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